Scholarly Article Translations

From a practitioner’s perspective, a concern often raised is that academic journal articles are very complex, hard to understand, and focus only on relatively narrow topics without a sense of context for practitioners.  Even for a practitioner committed to understanding the practical meaning of a scholarly article, it might require several readings to reveal its meaning, yet may still not provide value sought by the reader.  To assist practitioners in interpreting the results of an article(s), ENT Division members have offered to interpret and translate the practical implications of selected scholarly articles in this section of the Practice-Theory Connection.

[ we are currently working on the first posting ]

For those individuals that are interested in translating (and synthesizing) articles, please contact us.  The suggested structure for these translations is:

  1. Article Title and Citation
  2. The problem being investigated
  3. Research questions
  4. Evidence that was found from the study
  5. Implications for practice (the main focus of the translation)
  6. Translated by (author of the translation)